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November 3, 2011

Joseph Bednarek monitoring visits


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Grant application

28 March 2011

 Foundation "Moonlight" Subotica invites competition in the spring term 2011th for allocation of grant in the maximum amount to 300.000,00 dinars.

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Jovan Mikiĉ Primary School

Subotica, 4 March 2011


 OThe Assembly began with the visit that the 22 children who arrived from Novi Beèej paid at the Moonlight Children's Centre. In the centre coordinator Csaba Sarnyai received the children.

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29 January 2011


Dear Foundation,

We We are pleased to inform you that thanks to your support on 3 December 2010 activities have started in our “MOONLIGHT NB” Student Club, which have attracted a large number f children. Club nights are mainly visited by students of the Josif Marinkoviĉ Primary School as the club operates in the school building. There were 120 children present on the first occasion, and over 100 on the second as well. This proves that your decision and our idea was appropriate. We are happy to be part of the ’Moonlight movement’. Children are fascinated by the program and are delighted by the weekend night gatherings. They are awaiting the following club nights impatiently.

Thank you again for the opportunity.

Yours truly: Danijela and Senka.

Danijela Manasijeviĉ
Chairwoman, Association ASTREA
Tel: +381 63 19 09 133


Optimistic Nest Club
Gornji Milanovac,

20. January 2011

Extract from the interim report


“We recruited the group of children who became members of the club from four primary schools of the town. We gathered information about the children by cooperation with the headteachers of schools, but we also try to maintain relationship with the families of the children for that purpose.

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December 2010

The Global Fund for Children, Washington offered partnership and awarded a grant to Club 21 – Association for Positive Communication for the third occasion. In this years autumn grant cycle we have received a letter from GFC with a certificate containing a declaration about this with the following wording:  The Global Fund for Children is proud to partner with Club 21- Association for Positive Communication during -2010 in advancing the dignity of vulnerable children and youth, Maya Ajmera President, Joseph Bednarek, Program Officer.



Acknowledgement for GFC

November 2010

We say thank for it to you know that we are extremely happy, because the 7,000 USD grant awarded to us by GFC for 2010-11 has arrived to our account. Thank you for devoting your efforts to helping our organization improve and develop, so that more and more children can live a healthier and happier life. It is a great honor for us. The grant will also be spent on promoting and spreading the Moonlight Program in order to shield as many vulnerable children as possible from the damaging effects of night street life and allow their healthy physical and mental development.These aims his realisation we plan the successors: Sports equipment and more quality meals for children; Enrichment of the programme with camping, tournament and creating American Corner Moonlight; Popularization and enlarging of the Moonlight Programme, and informing the public about the activities of The Global Fund for Children; Some of the grant amount will be used for circulating information and holding trainings on healthy eating.

 Kiss Dezso
Club 21 Udruzenje za
Pozitivnu Komunikaciju,
President Moonlighte Foundation

Dear Dezso,

It is our pleasure to inform you that Club 21, Subotica has beean awarded a total grant of 7,000 USDfrom the The Global Fund for Children (GFC) to be user fod the Moonlight Sports Clubs, as outlined in your proposal.

On behalf of GFC’s board of directors, staff, and supportes, we wouldlike to thank you for woek of your organization in creating a brinhter future for our children and youth. We are honored to be able to support yourextraorddinary work.


Maya Ajmera,

Cc: Joseph Bednarek, Program Officer



The November grant cycle of the Moonlight Programme Area is completed

20 November 2010


During its November decision-making session the Moonlight Foundation awarded a grant in the framework of the Moonlight Programme Area for the Citizens Association ASTREA from Nivi Beèej for the support of their project.



16 October 2010 








City of Subotica






 In the organization of Association Club 21 on 16 October 2010 at 3 p.m. the fifth Moonlight Championship took place in the Ivan Sariĉ Technical School. The occasion will from now on be officially called a Moonlight Assembly Subotica. The first Moonlight Assembly Subotica 2010 will be organized in the spirit of philanthropy as the members of the night sport club from Gornji Milanovac, as well as the students of the new Moonlight Club from the Ivan Milutinoviĉ Primary School in Mala Bosna that were established thanks to the Moonlight Foundation will also be present at the event.

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A new Moonlight Club – a gift from children to children


27 September 2010

 On Wednesday, 22 September 2010 Moonlight Club 8 was officially opened in Mala Bosna, and by this the charity fundraising campaign of the Moonlight children and young volunteers from Subotica has finished. The management of the foundation decided to raise funds for opening and furnishing a new Moonlight Club for the children of the Ivan Milutinoviĉ Primary School in Mala Bosna by promoting individual philanthropy and inviting individual charity donations with the participation of Moonlight children and volunteers. Patrons of the new Club were also Fornetti Factory and B Market private trading company that helped with transportation and preliminary works. Apart from this Fornetti also provided Fornetti cakes for the opening ceremony.

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Individual philanthropy fundraising campaign on 14 August 2010


 On 14 August Saturday from 8 am till 9 pm Moonlight Foundation together with the Roda Megamarket from Subotica  (Mercator-S d.o.o Novi Sad) is organizing an individual charity fundraising campaign at the car park of the chain’s supermarket on Segedinski Put, where a temporary outdoor Moonlight Club will be set up.

The motto of the campaign is „It’s not for me – it’s for the children of Serbia”, while the main goals are:

1. Establishing a Moonlight Club in Mala Bosna for schoolchildren living in the area

2. Raising the funds for the second cycle of the national „Moonlight” grant funding



International Day Against Drug Abuse

30 June 2010


 On 25 June in Subotica civil organizations, and those institutions that have programmes related to addiction prevention, commemorated the International Day Against Drug Abuse with an open-air public event. The event was organized on the main square of the town in front of the Town Hall. Club 21 – Association for Positive Communication participated in the event with the usual ingenious way: it set up an open-air “night sport club” in the framework of which the “moonlight” kids, the staff members of the American Corner Moonlight.



We have a new friend in the world


7 June 2010


 Photography fellow of The Global Fund for Children from Washington, Charlotte Oestervang took thousands of photos of the work of Club 21 - Association for Positive Communication between 25 and 29 May.




12. April 2010







Jovan Mikiĉ Primary School


19 February 2010

At the championship organized by Association Club 21 from Subotica moonlight children and young people from the Technical School, Kizur Istvan Primary School, Jovan Mikiĉ Primary School, Széchenyi István Primary School and the American Corner Moonlight of the Town Library competed in table tennis, darts and table football. The competitors and the guests were first greeted by club coordinators Ferenc Galac and Milan Torbica, as well as Chair of Association Club 21, Dezsġ Kiss.

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